Of Svaras, Ragas, and Bhavas

Sanjeev Abhyankar (Artistic Director), Abhinay Ravande, Ajinkya Joshi, Apurv Dravid, Mukta Joshi, Vilina Patra

Join Pandit Abhyankar and accompanying artists — Ajinkya Joshi on the tabla, Abhinay Ravande playing the harmonium, Vilina Patra and Mukta Joshi as vocalists, and Apurv Dravid for side rhythm — for a unique journey through the vivid landscapes of Hindustani Classical music.

In the session, Pandit Sanjeev Abhyankar explores and explains the nuances of a few elements of Hindustani Classical music. He details the scope of his music within the contours of the svaras (notes), the ragas (scales), and the bhavas (emotions) in his singing compositions.

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