Enduring Compositions

Gowri Ramnarayan (Artistic Director), Amritha Murali, Praveen Sparsh, Shreya Devnath & Vignesh Ishwar

In the session, Dr Gowri Ramnarayan, the Artistic Director of JustUsRepertory, leads musicians in a musical tribute to the three great eighteenth century Carnatic music composers. Often referred to as the ‘Trinity of Carnatic music’, musicians Tyagaraja, Muthuswami Dikshitar and Syama Sastry were considered game-changers in their field, and ushered in a new artistic era of Carnatic Classical music with their definitive signatures. The performance featuring Amritha Murali and Vignesh Ishwar as vocalists, Shreya Devnath on the violin and Praveen Sparsh playing the mridangam, etches the nuances of Carnatic Classical music through the compositions of these maestros.

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