Pulse: MAP’s Youth Journal

Crafted as part of MAP’s youth engagement initiatives, Pulse serves as a platform for young voices; a collaborative and independent space run by young adults for young adults to share their creative work and practice.

We are excited to introduce MAP’s youth journal — Pulse. Each quarterly volume of the journal will centre on a specific theme and will encompass various forms of creative works. Submissions will be curated and edited by the journal’s Editorial Panel and MAP’s Public Programme Coordinators.

Pulse Vol. I Work-in-Progress explored the experiences of growing up and navigating the changes that come with early adulthood. The volume looked about the amalgamation of feelings, visions and influences we have, as well as about our missteps and our progress.

Check out Pulse Vol. I here.

Theme for Pulse Vol. II

Families: Found and Otherwise

This volume we want to pay special homage to family, friendship, and community. We want to look at the family we grew up with, but also those special bonds we forge with the family we choose for ourselves. This one is a letter to our loved ones – whether they raised us, lived with us or joined us somewhere along the way!

Please share your ideas on these intimate dynamics with us in writing, illustration, photography, video work here.

The submissions are open to all the young people aged between 18-25 years old. We want to give young voices a platform to showcase their work. No background or educational qualifications in the department of your choice is required to send in your work. This is a great opportunity to work towards a field which may differ from your regular course, job, or specialisation. If it gets selected — your work will be published on Pulse — MAP’s first online youth journal.

Please note that the entries for the journal submissions will close on May 25, 2024. We will not be accepting any submissions post the deadline.

Editorial Panel applications are now closed.