The fusion of arts and culture with tourism

Tourism fosters long-term partnerships with the local community, bringing happiness and job opportunities to a region. With art and cultural heritage substantially affecting a traveler’s choice of destination, it becomes critical to invest in the arts in order to favorably benefit tourism in a city or country. The marriage of arts and culture with tourism gives economic growth prospects in any part of the world.

“Digital advancements have surely created an interest in art and cultural tourism by making it more accessible and inclusive. Additionally, festivals such as MAP’s Art is Life, which brings together artists, curators, and collaborative initiatives, are built around garnering interest in the art and culture that Bengaluru has to offer. The idea is to create a platform for artists to express themselves through the rich history that our country offers which also makes for a good avenue for the development of tourist interests,” says Kamini Sawhney, Director of MAP.

Read the full story in IANS here.

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