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Paint Your Own Padamsee

“M F Husain has started speaking again. Ever the lean, silvery-haired presence brandishing his famed paintbrush, he’s being quizzed by children and young adults in a TED talk-style spotlight event. “What’s your favourite painting?” a bright young girl wants to know. How would he describe himself? “A painter who prefers to walk barefoot, a filmmaker with a difference and a lover of the most expensive cars on earth,” he replies. A rather simplified summary of the life of one of India’s greatest artists, it is still a good place to get to know Husain and his prodigious art. The Museum of Art & Photography (MAP) in Bengaluru along with Accenture Labs has created what they call the “Husain Experience”. Billed as ‘India’s first conversational digital persona’ of any artist, the Husain experience is designed as an interactive educational tool to attract youngsters to the world of Indian art and culture.”

Read the full story in Open Magazine featuring MAP’s M F Husain AI experience here.

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