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Museum of Tomorrow: Are we heading for a digital reset of the museum?

“Simplicity is an extraordinary trait in Bhuri Bai’s work. The artist, who is from the Bhil Adivasi community, paints traditions and murals in earthy and primary colours, with a certain ‘Bhilness’ to her approach. Her imagination draws inspiration from her roots—her village (Jhabua in Madhya Pradesh) and its flora and fauna—and replicates itself on canvases ranging from walls to paper. It was her art that helped Bai secure a prominent place in an otherwise male-dominated community, making hers a story of strength and courage.

Not surprisingly, when a one-of-a-kind Indian art initiative was to premier, it chose to begin with her work. It’s not just the inclusion of Bai’s art, however, that makes Museum of Art and Photography (MAP) stand out. South India’s first major private art museum, MAP aims to offer viewers both a physical and virtual experience.”

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