Kolkata boy Abhishek Poddar is ready to unveil his dream museum in Bengaluru

“Abhishek Poddar, born and raised in Kolkata, is today a successful industrialist, one of India’s greatest art collectors and sits on the world stage with major art philanthropists. On Saturday, February 18, his dream to share some of his art permanently with the public comes true when the private Museum of Art and Photography (MAP), devoted to Indian art of all kinds, opens in central Bengaluru. It will be the first major purpose-built art museum in South India since India won Independence.

When I walk up the stairs to his fourth-floor office to meet him, I am surprised that there is as much art there as on my last visit, if not even more. It is everywhere, on walls, floors, narrow ledges, tucked into corners, even piled up.  The range is infinite but connected by his fine-tuned aesthetic. Greeting me on the top landing, for instance, is a bronze Nataraja balanced on an almost life-size wooden calf in front of Jitish Kallat’s black and gold ‘Continuum’ depicting phases of the moon as a progressively consumed roti.”

Read the full story in the Telegraph here.

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