Destination Bengaluru

“It is a busy day at the Museum of Art & Photography (MAP) in Bengaluru. With under a month to go before its much-awaited opening on February 18, the modern five-storey building in the heart of the city is teeming with people. A large group of students from the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology is here for a preview. A crew is installing towering granite ‘Rishis’, still in their protective sheaths, by Stephen Cox in the sculpture courtyard. A European curator admiring one of the three opening shows, by sculptor LN Tallur who has created 10 works in response to objects in the museum’s collection, wonders aloud if she can borrow a bronze for an exhibition next year. Amidst all the activity and the drone of drilling machines, an empty wood reception desk, its precise geometry mirroring a massive piece in corten steel made up of what looks like precariously balanced rocks, anchors the lobby, so that you can almost look through and beyond. They are both commissioned works, crafted by Arik Levy, an Israeli-born artist and designer who is interested in functional art, and match the experimental vibe of south India’s first private museum.”

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