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City (high) lights

“It’s another week and sometimes I feel the entire city has the same idea at the same time! There is a spate of ‘things to do’ and one must pick and choose carefully. My ‘funda’ is simple: go where one feels comfortable (read as discerning) because, I’m too old for this bilge (to use a polite term)! My days at smiling inanely and avoiding ‘social-pests’ are well and truly over.

So, it was with a certain sense of excitement that I accepted an invitation to tour the Museum of Arts and Photography (MAP) on Kasturba Road. Born out of the untiring efforts of art aficionado and collector Abhishek Poddar, the museum boasts of over 60,000 pieces of art, sculpture and photos which are digitized so a viewer can choose what to see and view all the works in that category!”

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