Mint Lounge

A new museum of possibilities in Bengaluru

“The fragrance of jasmine hangs in the air as you enter the Museum of Art and Photography (MAP) on Kasturba Road in Bengaluru. There is considerable buzz near the entrance, with people busy “lighting” digital diyas. All you need to do is scan a QR code, which takes you to the MAP website, press the “light” option, choose your diya style—and your lit lamp will appear on the screen with your name.

The influence of technology can be seen in every aspect of MAP’s new space, be it in the design or the exhibition format. For the past three years, in fact, the museum has been working within the digital space, organising virtual exhibitions on its website from its vast collection of 60,000 artefacts, besides working on other programming elements, such as artist talks, panel discussions, workshops for children and masterclasses.”

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