Matchbox Momentos

MAP is delighted to present Matchbox Momentos by artist Harshit Agrawal. Developed in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture and Tasveer Ghar, it is an interactive artwork that is inspired by the collection of Gautam Hemmady, one of India’s most renowned collectors of matchbox art.

Matchbox Momentos illustrates a new, playful way to connect with this archive that offers a unique insight into the everyday life of India of yore — from industrialisation, musical instruments, cinema, wildlife to flora and fauna. Visitors can collect up to 342 matchboxes through 19 matchbox themed journeys. Inspired by the classic Indian board game Moksha Patam (also known as Snakes & Ladders), Matchbox Momentos uncovers fascinating stories about matchbox art and its place in Indian culture.

Come experience the vibrant display of how traditional Indian art forms seamlessly integrate with modern technologies. This showcase not only blurs the lines between traditional and contemporary art but also ignites curiosity, inviting reinterpretation and renewed fascination.