Why So Serious?

2024-05-26 18:28:38

Medhavi Gandhi

Why So Serious?


July 17, 2021    
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


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Zoom Meeting

Why do memes get shared? What does it mean to express your feelings, attitudes, and even politics through memes? How can we better understand different aspects of culture, not just as viewers, but also as contributors and creators? 

From ‘grumpy cat’ to ‘Indiranagar ka gunda’, memes have graduated from being just jokes to finding a prominent place in our popular culture and society, expressing everything from social and political commentary to the perfect comeback, and all that lies in-between. Join Medhavi Gandhi for a 1 hour session where we delve into meme-culture, satire, critical thinking and meme-making with Indian art! 

This workshop is specially curated for 18-25 year olds.
Limited Seats. Register now to book your spot!

The Heritage Lab is a digital media platform connecting museums and citizens through campaigns, public-engagement programmes and free access content for children and adults. When they are not visiting museums or creating learning resources, they make art GIFs. Join them in celebrating cultural heritage & making it more accessible, inclusive and fun!

We encourage participants with any kind of difficulty related to hearing, speaking, learning, etc. to participate in the workshop. If you are a participant of this nature, please write to prior to registration and let us know the nature of the difficulty and the accommodations that may be required. We will try our best to make the necessary arrangements in consultation with you.

This workshop is in collaboration with The Heritage Lab.


Bookings are closed for this event.

Medhavi Gandhi

Founder, The Heritage Lab

Medhavi is the founder of The Heritage Lab where she brings together her love for museums & arts education, providing a platform for educators, parents and travellers to explore India’s cultural heritage. An advocate for open-culture, she works with cultural institutions globally to promote digital engagement with collections and consults on digital transformation practices. She is eternally optimistic, curious and believes that cultural institutions have the power to stir the world by telling stories.

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