Whose Museum Is It Anyway?

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Tejshvi Jain, Rashmi Dhanwani, Carol Scott, Carolina Artegiani

Whose Museum Is It Anyway?


October 6, 2021    
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

What does the museum-going culture in India look like today? What are people’s perceptions of the ‘museum’ and what it has to offer? How has the pandemic affected engagement with the arts and culture sector in India? 

MAP in collaboration with ReReeti Foundation conducted audience research to hear from people across age demographics about how they engage with arts and culture and what factors act as barriers to engagement. 

To mark the launch of this report, join us for a panel discussion with Tejshvi Jain, Rashmi Dhanwani, Carol Scott and Carolina Artegiani where they highlight the need for more audience research in the arts sector and how this data can be harnessed effectively. They will also touch upon key findings of the report and provide insights into how people perceive museums and what they seek out of encounters with them, in both the physical and digital spheres.

(This event will be on Zoom and YouTube)

Tejshvi Jain

Founder-Director, ReReeti Foundation

Tejshvi is the Founder-Director of ReReeti Foundation. A passionate museum professional, her practice is deeply driven by community engagement and being inclusive. She is a recipient of the ATSA, IFA and Nehru fellowships. ReReeti Foundation works with museums and heritage sites to transform them into spaces of learning, delight, and meaningful engagement for visitors. The focus of their practice lies in the design and execution of projects that open the museum to the public and help create a community of their own. They provide consultation to museums to increase their impact in society, capacity building initiatives for museum professions and learning experiences making history relevant, reachable and relatable to school students.

Rashmi Dhanwani

Founder, The Art X Company

Rashmi Dhanwani is the Founder and CEO of the Art X Company, a strategic consultancy for the cultural sector focused on strategy, audience development, and sector research. Prior to founding Art X Company, Rashmi has worked with NCPA Mumbai, Breakthrough in Delhi, the newspaper Daily News and Analysis (DNA); Kalaghoda Arts Festival, and The Goa Project. She holds a Masters in Cultural and Creative Industries from King’s College London. She has also been a recipient of the ARThink South Asia Fellowship (2011-12), a participant fellow at ‘The Academy—a program of Carnegie Hall, The Juilliard School and the Weill Music Institute’, a scholarship grantee of the JN Tata Trust and Charles Wallace India Trust, and a 2017 Global Fellow of the International Society for Performing Arts (ISPA), New York. 

Carol Scott

Director, Carol Scott Associates

Carol Scott is an international consultant working with museums and cultural heritage organisations. She is Director of Carol Scott Associates where her practice is based on working with clients to build vision, value and impact through strategic planning, evaluation, audience development and branding. She has been President of Museums and Galleries Australia, Secretary of ICOM MPR, Chair of ICOM UK and is currently in her second term as a member of the Executive Committee of the International Council of Museums. Her current research interests are impact evaluation and museum leadership in a time of accelerated change and crisis. More about Carol at

Carolina Artegiani

Head of Development, MAP Bangalore

Carolina Artegiani has been the Head of Development at MAP since 2018. Before joining MAP, she was in London where she worked in fundraising across art forms, most recently at The Photographers’ Gallery. Prior to that, she has worked at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, Rambert Dance Company and Theatre Royal Stratford East. Before starting a career in arts fundraising, Carolina worked as a producer, set up a theatre company called Words of Honour and worked as general manager at the human rights theatre company iceandfire. Her academic background is in Live Performance Production and Acting.


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