What’s the Scene, Bob?

2024-04-25 17:05:20

Sonu Venugopal, Shreyas Rao, Sriram Sullia

What’s the Scene, Bob?


October 9, 2021    
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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The unique lingo of Bengaluru is a palimpsest that tells us so much about the communities that have inhabited the city. Tracking its evolution, therefore, can help us understand the multicultural landscape of the city today. 

Bengaluru slang is getting renewed attention as the city’s influencers animate these words through their funny, light-hearted reels and posts. Join us for a conversation with content creators Sonu Venugopal, Shreyas Rao, and Sriram Sullia as they discuss the origins of many much loved slang words and phrases, and the role social media has played in popularising Bengaluru lingo.

Stay back for the last 10 minutes of the programme for a fun quiz about the city’s quirks!

This event is in collaboration with the British Council, as part of the Our Shared Cultural Heritage (OSCH) programme.

(This event will be on Zoom and YouTube)


Bookings are closed for this event.

Sonu Venugopal


Sonu Venugopal is a stand-up comic, digital creator, radio professional and improviser based out of Bengaluru. She is a seasoned radio professional and voice artist with over 8 years of on-air and off-air experience in both the Hindi and Kannada radio industry hosting top-rated radio shows such as “Bollywood Cafe” and “City Maatu” in Bengaluru. She also received the “Best Entertainer” award at the Karnataka Women Achievers’ Awards (KWAA), 2018. 

Shreyas Rao

Content Creator

Shreyas Rao is a media professional and a content creator based out of Bangalore. This true blue Bangalorean loves juggling between stand up comedy, creating relatable content across languages and an array of short-format content creation.

If ‘Idli Loyalist’ was a thing, Shreyas would win the lifetime achievement award!

Sriram Sullia

Radio Jockey

Sriram Sullia has been an RJ for 14 years and is the programming head for Fever 104 FM & 94.3 Radio One, Bangalore. He freelances as a corporate emcee, hosts shows and even runs a podcast with his daughter Aryaa. On the weekends, Sriram teaches the art of being a host/podcaster and RJ on an ed-tech platform. He currently runs a small production house and collaborates with brands as a micro-influencer.


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