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Parimal Shais, Kalmi, HanuMankind, Aneesha Kotwani

Unboxing Beats


November 20, 2021    
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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Have you ever heard a song and had a wave of familiarity wash over? Why does it sound so similar yet distinctly different? Sampling is the process by which sections of familiar classics are repurposed to become building blocks for fresh, new tracks. Music producers find gripping sounds and loop, chop, warp, and rearrange them to create magic.

Join producers Parimal Shais, Kalmi, and rapper HanuMankind in conversation with Aneesha Kotwani for a session exploring the creative process of sampling, its influence on music production today, and the role it can play in reviving the rich musical history of the subcontinent.

The producers will also present live demonstrations where they identify samples they’ve used and repurposed in their own work.

This event is conducted as part of the lead-up to MAP’s second edition of our annual festival, Art is Life: SoundFrames which is conceptualised around music.

(This event will be on YouTube and Zoom)


Bookings are closed for this event.

Parimal Shais

Music Producer

Parimal Shais is the artistic vision of Indian producer Parimal EK, who’s quickly established himself as one of the most exciting new artists in Indian hip hop. An innovative and genre-bending producer, 26-year-old Parimal has developed a distinctive brand with his hard-hitting basslines influenced with South Indian cultural samples. In high school, he grew more intrigued with electronic music and began making his own productions when he was 19 years old. He slowly transitioned into making hip-hop beats for local artists in his neighborhood. 


With his critically acclaimed debut project “Kumari Kandam Vol. 1” in 2019, Parimal Shais snatched attention from fans, publications, and record labels around the country. As he drives this new age sound, he’s been collaborating with artists all over the country and is currently working on his next album.



Hanumankind is the lyrical rap identity donned by Sooraj Cherukat who’s made a splash of a debut not too long ago. The debut festival performance at NH7 coinciding with his first release from his debut EP “Kalari” set the stage for cementing his position as an undeniable force in the space of up-and-coming independent artists in the subcontinent. The journey has been focused on creating music that’s ever-evolving, challenging, boundary-pushing, and is developing to age well as time goes. With the start of the pandemic, a lot of progress was definitely dampened, but through that time, the music creation process was amped up, leading to the release of the collaborative project “Surface Level” with Kalmi. The latest single Genghis showcased the evolution of Hanumankind and the artistic styling that he brings across visual content. The recent feature on Netflix’s “Namma Stories” is one of the notable moments for the artist in 2021. After being featured on platforms like VICE, FirstPost, ColorsxStudios Blog, Times of India, Indian Express, VH1 Supersonic, Casa Bacardi, Nh7 Weekender, Under25, the tone is set for great releases.


Music Producer

Musician-composer Kalimireddy Nikhil aka ‘Kalmi’, a Hyderabad-based electronic music producer, has been making waves in the electronic music scene since 2015. Kalmi started his musical journey six years ago. His music has been featured at places like Rolling Stone India, Colors x Studios, WildCity, and the Bangin Beats. His music involves a lot of storytelling, ethereal sounds, classical elements, futuristic soundscapes and is emotionally captivating. Apart from that, he’s also produced electronic bass music and hip hop outside his own compositional space.

Having built up his repertoire over the last 4 years, his collaborators include artists like Hanumankind, Karan Kanchan, Ankur Tewari, Tre Ess, and Tienas. Kalmi has produced music for various projects like films, advertisements, documentaries and designed UX/UX sounds for tech companies. Kalmi has produced for brands like Instagram, Facebook, Vice, Oneplus, Tuborg, Epigamia, Kay Beauty, Hyundai x MTV and more. He’s just getting started on a series of releases with artists from the local circuit and bringing a global sound into the dimension.

Aneesha Kotwani

Founder-Curator WAVLNGTH

Aneesha Kotwani is the Founder of WAVLNGTH a Mumbai-based agency that primarily focuses on artist management, touring, creative strategy for artists, and content creation. She is very involved in the radio industry and started exploring the world of radio when she was first invited by Medlar as a guest on his show at Balamii in London. From here, started the journey of her reaching out to various global radio stations and putting together guest mixes. This eventually paved the way for a monthly slot at Jay Carder’s ‘House of Carder’ show on Soho Radio shedding light to up and coming independent music producers from India and two radio residences with WWFM and the BBC Asian Network. She is also the artist manager for KAVYA a singer-songwriter- performing and recording artist from New Delhi.

Aneesha views herself as a creator where her intention is to blend various creative arts with music at the core of it. She also aspires to build a bridge between the east and the west, pushing homegrown talent overseas and introducing new music initiatives, artists, and collectives to India. Building on this aspiration she even traveled to Africa and created a documentary on Nyege Nyege Festival that takes place annually in Uganda.

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