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Reader’s Bloc: On Caring

2024-07-13 19:01:28

Reader's Bloc: On Caring


June 26, 2024    
6:00 pm


Bookings closed

With Love N. I, 1977, Manjit Bawa

The Reader’s Bloc is an online/IRL group of readers taking part in reading, listening and sharing exercises around texts that help us learn more about ourselves, the identities we share and the communities we live in.

For our upcoming session, we will be thinking about all the different ways we look at care and the nuances of caring for someone. This month we will look at two texts, the lovely personal essay “Super Fandom” by Ragini Rao Nag where she explores the communities of care she created by being part of a fandom and the wonderful short story “What is Seized” by Lorrie Moor which looks at the ways in which act of caring shapes our being. Once you register for the event, we will send you the text and the topics/themes we will discuss.

This programme is exclusively for 18–25 year olds.

This session is conducted as part of our engagements for the MAP Youth Collective. The MAP Youth Collective is a community for young people (18-25 year olds) to engage with the arts and culture sector. The collective is for, of and by young people — to explore our shared identities and interests through art.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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