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Off Label: Exploring Personal Perspectives on Art

2024-05-25 07:29:09

Off Label: Exploring Personal Perspectives on Art


June 17, 2023    
11:00 am - 1:00 pm


Bookings closed

Image Caption: Jyotsna Bhatt at the Pratt Institute, New York, c. 1965, Digital file, DC.00507, Image Credit: Jyoti Bhatt, courtesy Museum of Art & Photography

Labels are a way for museums to communicate and provide context about the things we are seeing and experiencing. While we know labels can help us navigate artworks, can they also help navigate the questions these works bring up?

In this session, we will explore this idea through works from one of MAP’s opening exhibitions, Jyoti Bhatt: Time & Time Again. Looking at the works through the lens of our experiences, we consider whether the labels that accompany them sufficiently convey all that the works want them to. Join us as we go off label and contextualise our favourite pieces from the exhibition within the breadth of our personal experiences and write our own labels for them.

This programme is exclusively for 18–25 year olds. 

This session is conducted as part of our engagements for the MAP OSCH Collective. The MAP OSCH Collective is a community for young people (18-25 age group) to engage with the arts and culture sector. The collective is for, of and by young people — to explore our shared identities and interests through art.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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