Looking Through Inheritance

2024-05-25 07:30:47

Looking Through Inheritance


October 14, 2023    
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Bookings closed


kanike studios, cooke town
Kanike, 35/1, 3rd Cross Rd, Hutchin's cross, St Thomas Town, Cooke Town, Bangalore, Karnataka
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Nidhi Bhandari’s photograph exploring the idea of ‘Inheritance’ through food

Join us for a walkthrough with Aryan Gulati, one of the participants of the Inheritance exhibition, as he gives us an insider’s view into the exhibition, delving into the many facets of inheritance: personal, social, cultural and collective and reflecting on the participants’ varied approaches to their projects for the exhibition. 

Inheritance, brings together the work of 6 young people in Bengaluru and 7 in Glasgow, exploring shared histories, memories and identities between South Asia and the UK. Documenting practices and stories – personal, familial and collective – this exhibition invites you to embark on a visual journey that reflects on the kind of legacies we inherit, both culturally rich and socially divisive; what traces remain as the lives of multiple generations unfold; as well as, what we choose to embrace and what we leave behind.

This exhibition is the outcome of an international collaboration between MAP, Glasgow Life Museums, Street Level Photoworks and Kanike, as part of the British Council’s Our Shared Cultural Heritage (OSCH) programme. 


Bookings are closed for this event.

Aryan Gulati

Aryan is an emerging artist based in Bangalore whose talents span content strategy, marketing, academia, and the arts. With a skill honed over time for crafting engaging marketing campaigns and an interest in the academic exploration of cultural studies, Aryan is also a photographer who artfully aims to amplify marginalised voices through visual storytelling. Their passion for gender and sexuality discourses is evident in their projects, and as a speaker and advocate, they wish to spark thought-provoking conversations. Aryan’s unique blend of creativity, marketing acumen, and academic pursuits helps them foster diversity and inclusion through different mediums and engage in a critical examination of human experiences.

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