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Diya Naidu, Gayatri Shetty, Ronita Mookerji, Priyabhata Panigrahi, Medha Chaudhari, Snigdah Prabhakar, Sandeep Singh, Karshni Nair



March 23, 2024    
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm


Bookings closed

Inspired by the philosophy of Nigerian activist Bayo Akomolafe, InTheLight is a contemporary dance piece that questions the possibility of slowing down in today’s fast-paced world. It suggests that embracing slowness, stillness, and community can lead to reconnecting with lost practices and sustainability. The piece explores the importance of deep listening and observation; looks to the past for guidance towards creating a more sustainable future; and delves into the concept of community, juxtaposing modern interpretations with traditional values of care, sustainability, and livelihood. Additionally, it highlights the tensions between two contrasts: on the one hand industrialisation and a disconnect from nature, and on the other community, kinship and indigenous knowledge.

InTheLight is choreographed by Diya Naidu and performed by Gayatri Shetty, Ronita Mookerji, Priyabhata Panigrahi, Medha Chaudhari, Snigdah Prabhakar and Sandeep Singh with sound by Karshni Nair.

This event has been conceptualised as part of the programming around the exhibition Outside In: Meera Mukherjee and Jaidev Baghel.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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