Illusion of Liminal Beings

2024-07-13 14:28:13

Sahiba Singh

Illusion of Liminal Beings


July 13, 2024    
5:00 pm


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Perspective is the key – that’s the theme explored in this 20 minute performance, Illusion of Liminal Beings. This solo dance theatre piece is directed and performed by Sahiba Singh, founder of Flux School of Arts. The performance investigates what it means to be a human in today’s day and age, and the role emotions and feelings play in one’s overall perspective of life.

Exploring the complexity of one’s internal dialogues, this was created in response to the Zobop installation at MAP. Perspective being the key theme, the piece will dive deep into the visible-known and rhetorical-unknown, the psyche, and create a dialogue between the performer and the audience. The questions that will come up are – who are we, why do we feel what we do and what are the perspectives that tie us together with an invisible thread?

This performance is in collaboration with Flux School of Art.


July 16-21 is the last week of MAP’s fun and colourful installation Zobop being on display. For this last week, entry to Zobop is FREE EVERYDAY —so come on over and experience this installation before it goes away!


This event is fully booked.

Sahiba Singh

Sahiba Singh is the founder of Flux School of Arts where she teaches contemporary dance, theater, dance-theater, creative writing and dance movement therapy.

She sees dance as an authentic form of expression and works intensively with release technique. She believes that movement should be efficient and joyous for it to be authentic. Her focus is on movement research, choreography and the expressive element of dance theater and she believes that everybody can dance given the right training and environment. She’s been a community builder for the last 15 years and her mission with movement and artistic explorations is two fold – personal as well as systemic change. She believes that art is meant to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. Some of her dance theater productions that have toured extensively are Clown’s Labyrinth – a piece exploring intimacy, The Albatross – a piece about global climate crisis and our role in it, Glad You Came– a satire on patriarchy, Wild Woman Witchcraft– exploring the wild woman archetype.

Sahiba’s work is women centric and the focus lies deeply rooted in systemic change.

She explores bold art and wants art to be accessible to all. With a clear vision that everyone is an artist, given the right space to explore one’s creativity and hence Sahiba’s  mentorship programs have created many contemporary dancers, writers and community builders exploring their own vocabulary and building a body of work by various change makers.

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