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Dreaming of Words

2024-04-25 17:22:29

Dreaming of Words


October 28, 2023    
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


Mazumdar-Shaw auditorium
22, Kasturba Rd, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar , Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560001
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A still from Dreaming of Words. Courtesy of Nandan.

Njattyela Sreedharan, a fourth standard drop-out, compiles a dictionary connecting four major Dravidian languages. Travelling across four states and doing extensive research, he spent twenty five years making this multilingual dictionary. This unique dictionary offers a comparative study of Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu. ‘Dreaming of Words’ traces Sreedharan’s life, work, love for languages, and the struggles to get the dictionary published while also delving into the linguistic and cultural diversity of India.

Join us for a special screening of the film Dreaming of Words by Nandan as we explore our love of languages and the labour of that love.

Brought to you by OSCH @ MAP, AUD/VID is a series encouraging discovery of old and new music, film, video, sound art and media — looking at junctions of art, youth culture and audio-visual media. A step closer towards conscious consumption through listening, viewing and sharing together.

Open to people of all ages.



Nandan is a filmmaker and writer from Kerala, born in 1991. He worked as a civil engineer in Bengaluru before moving to Mumbai to follow his passion in filmmaking. He is known for directing ‘Breath’ and ‘Dreaming of Words’. He has also published three books, ‘The Dream Balloon’, ‘Manam: The Chronicle of a Masturbator’ and ‘Puthiya Marubhoomikal’. He has received numerous accolades including a National Film Award. Visit for more information.

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