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Crafting Inheritance

2024-06-19 03:01:03

Crafting Inheritance


September 23, 2023    
4:30 pm - 6:30 pm


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 Nidhi Bhandari’s photograph exploring the idea of ‘Inheritance’ through food

We are the sum of many things: our experiences, our collective histories, our shared heritage, our family’s traditions, our individual memories and our relationships in the world. Join us for a special session, with the six participants of the Drishti project where we explore the many facets of inheritance: personal, social, cultural and collective. 

The session will begin with the participants reflecting on their experiences from the ‘Drishti’ programme and their varied approaches to their projects for the Inheritance exhibition.

Using the unconventional canvas of tote bags, the session will encourage everyone to blend traditional and contemporary elements, and share their own story of inheritance — crafting a unique narrative of what they inherit and leave behind. Through the session, we invite participants to express and reflect on connections to their roots and visions for the future.

This session has been organised as part of the larger programming around the exhibition, Inheritance. The exhibition is the outcome of an international collaboration between MAP, Glasgow Life Museums, Street Level Photoworks and Kanike, as part of the British Council’s Our Shared Cultural Heritage (OSCH) programme. Inheritance opens at Kanike and MAP on September 22, 2023.


This event is fully booked.

Tanvi Narayan Mallapur

Tanvi currently works as Design Lead at a startup. She is a Product Designer by profession and loves to dabble in different art forms like Photography, Painting, etc. 

For the OSCH Photography project she explored the embroidery styles of India and UK – particularly Samplers from the UK and Kasuti from Karnataka, India.
She looked at celebrating the art of embroidery by exploring the generational passing down of this exquisite craft. By drawing a captivating comparison between Kasuti embroidery from India and Samplers from the UK, her project  highlighted the rich cultural heritage embedded within these two distinct traditions. Through a series of visually compelling photographs, she captured the essence of the creative process, the skilled artisans, and the intricate details that make Kasuti and Samplers genuinely remarkable. In addition, the project delved into the stories of women who have dedicated their lives to honing their skills and preserving these art forms.

Sacheth N

Sacheth is a passionate student pursuing engineering who has found passion in photography. With remarkable achievements in various fields, Sacheth has proven to be a well rounded individual. He has achieved NCC certificate with top grades and participated in national camp. Sacheth’s leadership skills shine through the role of captain representing college name in VTU level kabbadi. He has participated in an Indian oil quiz competition in Mysore. His interest in photography and alternative process of art developed with the help of Kanike studio and MAP. Sacheth invites viewers to experience the world through his lens which we has captured with the help of Kanike studio.


Ganesh is passionate about movies and storytelling. He considers movies as a space for discovering new places and an avenue for creative innovation. He enjoys watching movies, and he was more interested in the filming of documentaries as it provides opportunities to engage with the real-life stories of the people. 

Ganesh joined as an intern to the project: ‘Discerning India: Living Cultures of Tulunadu’ as a cinematographer and an editor while completing his masters at Manipal. The project had a goal to introduce the distinctive cultural traits of Tulunadu. He joined the team initially as an intern before becoming a full-time member. He participated in the team’s filming and editing of documentaries. He intends to continue learning about people, places, and cultures to eventually produce an independent feature film.

Pragyna Divakar

Pragyna has 3 years of experience in the development sector with expertise in research, policy analysis, and strategic thinking. She is currently working with VNV Advisory Services on developing carbon projects in rural communities. Pragyna holds a B.A in Political Science from Ashoka University. For the OSCH program, Pragyna explored identity in contemporary Indian tennis. The project captured this aspect of Indian tennis by photographing the courts and the people at tennis academies through the lens of her own memories of growing up around these academies. 

Nidhi Kiran Bhandari

Nidhi is currently a student in the Communication Studies program at Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru. For the OSCH photography project she explored the relationship between Konkani food, the way it gets spoken about, made, and eaten, and how that connects to identity. She looked at  specific dishes, things that are made for specific occasions; dishes made during certain seasons with seasonal ingredients, and  stories in the region and her family’s connect to food. The project looked at both preparation of the dishes and the ingredients tha are used.


Aryan Gulati

Aryan is an emerging artist based in Bangalore whose talents span content strategy, marketing, academia, and the arts. With a skill honed over time for crafting engaging marketing campaigns and an interest in the academic exploration of cultural studies, Aryan is also a photographer who artfully aims to amplify marginalised voices through visual storytelling. Their passion for gender and sexuality discourses is evident in their projects, and as a speaker and advocate, they wish to spark thought-provoking conversations. Aryan’s unique blend of creativity, marketing acumen, and academic pursuits helps them foster diversity and inclusion through different mediums and engage in a critical examination of human experiences.





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