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Building Legacies

2024-07-15 18:00:16

Hitha Mahesh

Building Legacies


January 24, 2024    
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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HDFC Ltd Learning Centre
HDFC Ltd Learning Centre, Lower Ground Floor, MAP, Bengaluru
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Oh Starry Night Wind of Change, Prasad Kumar Swain, 2006-2011, India, Mixed media on wood, Panel 1: H. 201 cm, W. 119 cm; Panel 2: H. 201.5 cm, W. 119 cm Panel 3: H. 201.5 cm, W. 99 cm, MAC.00243.

The Reader’s Bloc is an online/IRL group of readers taking part in reading, listening and sharing exercises around texts that help us learn more about ourselves, the identities we share and the communities we live in.

For our next session, we are thinking about the legacies we create and choose to leave behind. We are reading two texts — Lost Ones, a wonderful essay by Ross Scarano, where he talks the legacies of unreleased music tracks that haunt music journalists; and the short story, The Fifth Story by Clarice Lispector, exploring the how a single story can leave different imprints depending on how we choose to think about it.

This time, we’ve taken a slightly different approach by bringing in one of our lovely collective members, Hitha Mahesh, to assist with the selection of readings for this session. She will also be co-moderating the session with us.  

On registration, we will send you the text and the topics/themes we will discuss.

This programme is exclusively for 18–25 year olds. 

This session is conducted as part of our engagements for the MAP’s Youth Collective. The Youth Collective is a community for young people (18-25 year olds) to engage with the arts and culture sector. The collective is for, of and by young people — to explore our shared identities and interests through art.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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