Behind the Lens

2024-07-13 18:30:52

Nagendra Satyan, Sunaad Raghuram

Behind the Lens


November 18, 2023    
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Bookings closed

Kerala Children Smile at Satyan’s Camera, T.S. Satyan, Calicut (now Kozhikode), Kerala, India, Silver gelatin print, H. 16.7 cm, W. 23.9 cm, PHY.10035

On the last weekend of the exhibition, With Great Ease: The Photography of T. S. Satyan, join us for this special conversation between the photographer’s son, Nagendra Satyan, and Sunaad Raghuram, a journalist who worked closely with him. This anecdotal discussion delves into the personal and professional aspects of T.S. Satyan, showcasing an intimate portrait of the man behind the lens, and the unparalleled dedication to photography and storytelling.

Nagendra Satyan will provide a unique perspective, reflecting on his experiences as the son of TS Satyan, sharing more about his father’s passion, determination, and remarkable work with children. Sunaad Raghuram, having been professionally associated with T.S. Satyan, will recount experiences from  field visits and travels, their collaborative work on ‘Alive and Clicking’ and other writings of T.S. Satyan. 

This event has been conceptualised as part of the exhibition With Great Ease: The Photography of T. S. Satyan.


Bookings are closed for this event.

Nagendra Satyan

Head of TS Satyan Family Trust

Nagendra Satyan, is a senior management professional, having extensive experience across Consulting and Information Technology sectors. He is the eldest son of Mr T S Satyan and heads the T S Satyan Family Trust, which manages his extensive assets. Nagendra has had the opportunity to closely observe his father through the years, including carrying his camera bag, sorting out his lenses, working in the dark room studio at home, composition of pictures, caring and maintaining equipment , etc. He has accompanied him on numerous assignments and observed how the photographic mind of Mr Satyan thought and executed.

Sunaad Raghuram

Author, Journalist

Sunaad Raghuram is an author and journalist, who’s been published by Penguin Books and Harper Collins. He has contributed to various newspapers and magazines, as well as a blog called Churumuri which went on to be acknowledged by the New York Times as being among the best reads on India. Sunaad was also a voice-over artist for documentaries, one of which was Netflix’s ‘Hunt for  Veerappan’.

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