Art through Touch: A Tactile Workshop

2024-07-13 18:12:14

O Aishwarya

Art through Touch: A Tactile Workshop


July 21, 2024    
10:00 am - 1:30 pm

This workshop is designed specifically for students with visual impairment between the ages of 14-18. Workshop participants will spend 45 minutes on a tactile walk of the exhibition, Visible/Invisible: Representations of Women in Art through the MAP Collection. They will interact with the 7 artworks up close, and then create tactile pieces of their own — inspired by what they have experienced, as well as ornamentation and ideas of self expression. Materials for the workshop like clay, modelling tools, non-sharp materials that can be used as decorations or embellishments will be provided .

This will be a 2-hour workshop led by O Aishwarya.

O Aishwarya

O Aishwarya is a research scholar at IIIT Bangalore. She was also currently a South Asia Speak Fellow. Her research and professional work revolves around studying and making tactile objects. She is also a writer and storyteller.

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