A Story of Stories

2024-02-25 15:14:40

Malavika PC

A Story of Stories


June 10, 2023    
11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Story of stories by Malavika PC, Image courtesy of the artist

In this session of the Stories at MAP series, we will engage in a storytelling session by visual artist & performer Malavika PC. 

A Story of Stories, presents a unique chance to listen, imagine and participate in uncovering a tale about how stories came to be. Thinking of museums as story keepers and how art can store our memories, beliefs and creative ideas, this session includes an image hunt through MAP to explore the representation of stories across cultures. And an immersive storytelling exercise that allows participants to not only learn the story, but co-create it! 

Stories at MAP is a series that is based on connecting art, storytelling and our lived realities. 

Suitable for children between the ages 8 to 12 years. This is a paid event with limited seats available.

Malavika PC

Malavika PC is a visual artist and performer. She also works on illustrating picture books for children. She takes inspiration from the world around her and from multiple disciplines to inform her practice and search. Her preoccupations as an artist are to discover and express the source and centres of movement, time and life within and around her.

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