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A Human Question

2024-07-14 04:34:35

T. Jayashree

A Human Question


August 25, 2023    
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


Mazumdar-Shaw auditorium
22, Kasturba Rd, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar , Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560001
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Film poster, Courtesy of T. Jayashree

Tracing the story of the global struggle to make HIV/AIDS drugs more affordable and available A Human Question raises key questions of whether private ownership of knowledge can be at the costs of human life? The film explores the complex world of Patents and HIV/AIDS medicines by connecting and contrasting personal narratives with those of international lobbyists and activists. The human questions raised in the film will force us to rethink the relationship between Intellectual Property and Human rights. 

Join us for the screening of the film, A Human Question, followed by an audience interaction with the director, T. Jayashree. 

This film screening has been organised as part of the larger programming around MAP’s exhibition, Visible/Invisible: Representation of Women in Art Through the MAP Collection; and in collaboration with ​​The QAMRA Archival Project at NLSIU, Bengaluru.

T. Jayashree

Independent Filmmaker

T. Jayashree is an independent filmmaker based in Bangalore. Trained in video for development from CENDIT, New Delhi, Jayashree has written, produced and directed for international television, radio, feature and documentary films. Her work has focused on the intersection of Gender, Sexuality, Law and Public health. Bulk of her unedited video documentation focus on issues around sexuality and the legal journey to decriminalise homosexuality in India form the founding collection of the Queer Archive for Memory, Reflection and Activism (QAMRA) which she co founded in 2017. Since 2021, QAMRA archival project is housed at NLSIU, Bengaluru.

QAMRA Archival Project, NLSIU

The Queer Archive for Memory, Reflection and Activism (QAMRA) is a multimedia archival project that aims to aid efforts in queer rights advocacy through archival activism, acting as a resource base for activists, students, educators, artists, and scholars working in the area of gender and sexuality. As a repository of narratives, its aim is to enable and further conversations around the history, present, and future of the Indian LGBTQIA+ community. QAMRA is an Archival project at NLSIU, Bengaluru and you can find more information about the archive’s collections at 

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