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2024-07-18 00:06:59

Waswo X. Waswo, Lina Vincent

Bengaluru book launch of Waswo X. Waswo’s ‘Karkhana’ which explores artistic collaborations within India’s contemporised art market.

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Waswo X. Waswo


A well-known figure of the Indian art scene, Waswo X. Waswo was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the U.S.A. He studied at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; The Milwaukee Center for Photography; and Studio Marangoni, the Centre for Contemporary Photography in Florence, Italy. The artist has lived and travelled in India for over twenty-one years, and he has made Udaipur, Rajasthan his home for the past sixteen years. He collaborates with a variety of local artists, exploring themes that range from serious portraiture to “mock ethnography” to deep meditations on the mutually intertwining nature of “Otherness”.

His books include India Poems: The Photographs, published by Gallerie Publishers in 2006; Men of Rajasthan, published by Serindia Contemporary in 2011 (hardcover 2014); Photowallah published by Tasveer, India, in 2016; and Gauri Dancers, published by Mapin, India, in 2019. He is represented by Gallery Espace and Gallery Latitude 28, both in New Delhi.

Lina Vincent


Lina Vincent is an independent art historian and curator with two decades of experience in arts management. Vincent has worked on multi-layered projects that highlight plural approaches, a commitment towards socially conscious practices, with a focus on inclusivity and collaboration in public arts engagement. Her projects have resulted in interconnected bodies of research and curation that bring together diverse voices, modes of expression, and interfaces for dialogue (physical & virtual). The focus areas of her research extend to projects with arts education, printmaking history and practice, the documentation of living traditions and folk arts in India, and environmental consciousness in the arts. Her current practice foregrounds sustained engagement with material culture and social history, seen through acts of community interaction, pedagogical interventions, archiving and interpretation.

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