Visions of India

Since its invention in Europe in the 1840s, the genre of photography has played an integral role in the course of Indian art history. Although it is often said that India is the most photographed country in the world, the history of its representation is more complicated, and more political than initially meets the eye. 

Visions of India: From the Colonial to the Contemporary at The Monash Gallery of Art (MGA), Melbourne, Australia, will be the first major survey of Indian photography in Australia, and all artworks showcased will be from the collection of Museum of Art & Photography (MAP), which is one of the most celebrated collection of photographs relating to India in the world. 

Curated by Nathaniel Gaskell, the exhibition will begin its journey from 1860 onwards, displaying a range of works by pioneering studio photographers in the subcontinent such as Samuel Bourne and Lala Deen Dayal, to the contemporary photographic practices of Pushpamala N., Karen Knorr and Michael Bühler-Rose.


Visions of India at Monash Gallery of Art, Australia

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