Hello & Goodbye: Postcards from the Early 20th Century


Did you know? ‘P.C.’ and ‘P. Cards’ were common abbreviations for postcards which were often adopted because of the limited space. Despite their small size, these picture postcards are powerful storytellers of the past, providing insights into the social, cultural and political aspects of an individual’s life.

Hello & Goodbye explores tangents of lived experiences and the Western perception of undivided India, through approximately 80 postcards. Delving into the dynamics between print culture, colonial propaganda and the question of identity, these objects offer a glimpse into life in the early 20th century. They enable us to analyse trends in imagery, types of messages conveyed and the demographics of those who wrote these postcards. Most importantly, they humanise a population that existed in a rather turbulent period of history.

Who would have thought that a simple paper card would revolutionise communication?

Hello & Goodbye: Postcards from the Early 20th Century features interactive experiences, welcoming visitors to create their own postcard and send it to a loved one.

The exhibition has been made possible with support from the H T Parekh Foundation.

Hello & Goodbye: Postcards from the Early 20th Century opens at MAP on April 6, 2024.

Esplanade Bandstand, Bombay (Recto & Verso), 1900s, India, Collotype, H. 8.8 x W. 13.8 cm, POP. 32165, From the Collection of Kenneth X and Joyce Robbins

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