Learn: School Groups


With programmes and curated walkthroughs designed specially for school groups, MAP hopes to transform the static museum space into an enriching out-of-classroom experience for students. Early involvement in the arts has been proven to help produce well-rounded individuals, as it aids academic, emotional, and civic development.

The Education team at MAP curates a range of online and physical workshops and programmes for school groups that are designed to cultivate the curiosity and imaginative thinking of students. Through curated tours of exhibitions, games and conversations, and a series of hands-on activities, our programming for school groups delivers a structured, yet fun and engaging learning experience. Please write to us at education@map-india.org to learn more about our school programmes.

Visitors of all abilities are welcome to participate in MAP's programmes. If you have learners with any kind of difficulties related to seeing, hearing, speaking, walking/climbing, or learning, please write to us two weeks in advance, so we can try to make any reasonable accommodations in consultation with you and the concerned students.