Learn: Community & Access


Inclusion and accessibility are the cornerstones of MAP’s vision. We are committed to being one of the most inclusive museums in the country, with a 360-degree approach to accessibility, whether it is in our architectural design or education programming. By offering workshops in the regional language of Bangalore, Kannada, we have made our resources and knowledge accessible to a much wider audience.

We believe the arts, in many ways, can help empower individuals and children, particularly women and those from less privileged backgrounds. At MAP, we encourage learners of all backgrounds and with any sort of difficulties to be an active part of the growing museum-going culture of the country. Our team designs special programmes and workshops for marginalised communities and audiences with disabilities, while simultaneously working towards making all of our programmes more accessible and inclusive.

If you would like to check on accommodations in our existing programmes, please write to us at education@map-india.org.