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Journey through MAP’s Collection in the form of storytelling, performances and international museum collaborations.

5 December, 2020

Our opening event is a uniquely crafted sensorial experience that will take you on a journey of art through time, and time through art. It features the voices of a number of well-known cultural figures including lyricist Javed Akhtar, actor Shabana Azmi, film and theatre professional Arundhati Nag, filmmaker Nandita Das, art historian Dr B.N. Goswamy, visual artist Jitish Kallat, singer Kavita Seth and also a performance by classical dancer Malavika Sarukkai.


This is history in the making!

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Congratulations – opening up the box of a museum is inspiring. What a joy!

Kito de Boer

Superbly conceptualised and elegantly displayed!

Saryu Doshi
6 December, 2020

Presented by the actor and theatre director, Lillete Dubey, the evening features a performance by Dharavi Rocks in response to Bollywood posters. In addition, MAP and the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston) take a close look together at two 19th century prints in their respective collections and the history they share.


Brilliant on so many levels. Sitting in grey Chicago enjoying vibrant India. Thank you!

Barbara Kipper

Thoroughly enjoying it. Visual delight of treasures.

Radhika Lalbhai

Museums without borders…another frontier crossed!

Sachdev Ramakrishna
7 December, 2020

The renowned author and mythologist, Devdutt Pattanaik presents the evening as a Yakshagana performance brings to life a battle scene from the Ramayana, and MAP and the RISD Museum (Rhode Island) explore the links between the lives and works of two indigenous artists – one Inuit, and the other Pardhan.


Sitting here in Oxford, UK, we have this privilege. Thank you!

Kashmira Patel

Tribals are such an integral part of India. Enjoying every session.

Rahul Prasad

Hats off to MAP for keeping the culture of India going through this museum.

Chandra Banerjee
8 December, 2020

The renowned author and historian William Dalrymple leads viewers into uncovering stories in the Pre-Modern collection, as Madhu Nataraj and her troupe perform a specially choreographed dance in response to miniature paintings, and two goddesses form the subject of a close, historical examination: a Brahmani from MAP and a Yogini from the Detroit Institute of Arts.


The Waves of Infinity are coming from the infinite world of art that is MAP!

Faiza Huma

To be inspired is great, to inspire – incredible! Kudos to MAP.

Rajat Poddar

Loved today’s art presentation – beautiful work and excellent commentary.

Judi Kilachand
9 December, 2020

Featuring the acclaimed Indian designer Ritu Kumar, the evening showcases a jazz-fusion musical ode to Krishna by Rajeev Raja and his band in response to pichwais, the religious textiles of the Pushti Marg sect. In addition, the Vitra Design Museum and MAP discuss iconic chairs in their collections.


Amazing episodes and excellent work by MAP.

Tara V Narayan

MAP – What an amazing enterprise it is. So inspiring! My admiration is unbounded.

Yamuna Soma

Awesome programmes every day! Thank you MAP and team.

Sheila Premkumar
10 December, 2020

Presented by the artist Rekha Rodwittiya, the evening features Attakkalari dancers respond to nine unique interpretations of Durga by women artists, and in addition, the British Museum and MAP converse on artworks with a musical connection across centuries.


Every cloud has a silver lining. MAP is one of those!

Hiroo Mirchandani

Where do I begin to tell the story of my total infatuation/commitment to your wonderful way of taking the much valued art scenario to its deserved strength.

Lakshmi Krishnamurthy

You are in the same class as our MFA here in Boston!

Ramesh Advani
11 December, 2020

The renowned photographer Raghu Rai presents the evening, and in a special performance directed by Ram Ganesh Kamatham and Mallika Prasad, theatre artists respond to Vivek Vilasini’s Last Supper. MAP and the Morgan Library & Museum look at how photographs from different postcolonial contexts explore self-identity.


Joy! Bangalore has arrived, in a way! Thanks Abhishek and Radhika for this great contribution to the city and the people!

Jija Singh

Thank you MAP for making us a part of this incredulous journey. I never imagined that such a thing was possible and that too in the year 2020 – but in hindsight and connecting the dots it was meant to be. All the best!

Vibha Poddar

Congratulations Abhishek, Kamini, Team MAP and all your patrons who have made this possible. A 21st century museum taking India into the future!

Usha Balakrishnan

Journey through MAP’s Collection in the form of storytelling, performances and international museum collaborations.