The second edition of MAP’s annual festival, Art is Life: SoundFrames was conceptualised, designed and themed around music, to virtually explore the power of the museum, and music, to bring people together. Curated by Sadhana Rao and produced in collaboration with Berklee College of Music, SoundFrames presented a number of never-before-seen performances, lecture demonstrations, panel discussions, educational workshops and exhibitions, which explored a range of genres in music, from the classical to the contemporary.


Featuring both mainstream sounds and voices from the edge, Art is Life: SoundFrames looked at innovative and disruptive forms of musical engagement from across the globe. The festival was designed as an immersive musical experience like none other and for diverse audiences of all age groups, genders, interests and abilities.

Sounds of the City

Sounds of the City

Premiering the songs created by finalists of a sonic public engagement project that called for musicians to ‘capture’ the sounds of their cities.

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