Culture and Values

Culture and Values
With specially designed technological tools, MAP will ensure a holistic experience for viewers.

As South India’s first major private art museum, The Museum of Art & Photography aims to take art and culture to the heart of the community, making it accessible to diverse audiences, and to create a museum-going culture that encourages people to experience art and heritage in new ways.

The museum will be a space for ideas and conversations that are initiated through its collection, enabling us to engage with audiences in multiple ways. MAP seeks to inspire people to interact with art in ways that encourage humanity, empathy and a deeper understanding of the world we live in. While preserving the nation’s rich artistic heritage is the primary goal, the museum is keenly sensitive to the positive role a cultural institution can play in development and progress of society.

Inclusion, Accessibility, Innovation

At MAP, we believe that impacting and sensitising the next generation to the heritage of the country is paramount: a cause that will be championed through a variety of educational programmes as a part of the museum’s outreach. Furthermore, with a concentration on features such as specially designed technological tools, and a 360-degree approach to accessibility for people with special needs, MAP will ensure a more holistic experience for visitors. The team at MAP is committed to establishing art and culture as a soft power tool of global diplomacy, and will strive to bridge the gap between cultural institutions and the community.