Unknown maker

  • Date: Early 20th century
  • Dimensions: H. 22 cm, W. 6 cm, D. 6 cm
  • Medium: Porcelain, painted
  • Region: India
  • Museum number: SCU.00002

The figure of Shiva as a mendicant begging for alms rendered in porcelain with cold painted details. He is seen standing wearing a tiger skin, carrying a shoulder bag and holding an alms bowl before him. Bhikshatana in Sanskrit literally translates as ‘wandering about for alms.’

Bhikshatanamurti is a kinder version of the normal iconography of Shiva as Bhairava who wanders the universe begging for alms with Brahma’s kapala (skullcap) as his begging bowl to atone for his sin of severing Brahma’s fifth head.

By the Same Artist/Maker

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