Kavita Jhunjhunwala

Consultant, Digital Initiatives

With 23 years of digital agency & brand-side digital strategy experience (with a long stint in Singapore), Kavita brings on board the ability to comprehend the organisation’s vision with the lens of digital strategy and put together an ambitious roadmap. She also brings on board the ability to execute these roadmaps and lead digital & tech teams.

Her role at the museum is to create unique digital offerings such as digital memberships, social and search strategy while building processes for efficient implementation of these initiatives. She brings with her an extensive knowledge of web technologies and digital tools and is adept at online community building for brands, governments and non-profits. Apart from leading global brands like DHL, Heinz and HDFC, she also works closely with Singapore Government Agencies as a consultant for digital strategy and tactical services. She produced & curated the tech show Click Asia Summit, and actively encourages brands to build event IPs. Her consultancy practice, Avocado Tree Digital got its name from the eighteen-year-old avocado tree in her first house in Bangalore.