The Evolution of a Popular Aesthetic: From Raja Ravi Varma to Raghuvir Mulgaonkar

As part of its ongoing theme, ‘Art (is) Life’ MAP is pleased to present a richly illustrated talk by Ganesh Shivaswamy. ... More

Breaking the Fourth Wall

From Witnessing to Participation

The ‘godmother of performance art’, Marina Abramović burst onto the '70s art scene with cathartic performances that pushed the envelope on spectator participation and personal safety in unexpected and unprecedented ways. ... More

Beyond a Witness

Photography and Social Justice || Sebastião Salgado & Shahidul Alam

Keeping in line with the month’s theme 'Art as Witness', MAP in association with the Bangalore International Centre (BIC), brought together two exemplary photographers of social action and change, Sebastião Salgado and Shahidul Alam, in a webinar hosted on 27 June. Moderated by Nathaniel Gaskell, the discussion centred on the photographic journeys of the acclaimed Brazilian and Bangladeshi photographers, and elaborated on the power of photography to catalyse social change. Through an unveiling of their personal journeys and experiences, the discussion also highlighted the positive influence of activism and the use of one’s voice against oppression. ... More

Caste & Culture

T M Krishna and Suraj Yengde in conversation⁠

MAP launches its theme of Inclusion & Diversity with a conversation between vocalist, writer and activist T M Krishna and leading scholar and author Suraj Yengde. ⁠ ⁠ The session explores the patterns of privilege and exclusion that shape access to cultural art forms and pursuits, raising questions of the ethical and representational issues implicit in art that reflects a hierarchical society. ⁠ ... More


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