Sujata Keshavan

Towards Post Post-Colonialism (lecture)

5 March, 2014
NGMA, Bangalore

Tracing the evolution of modern Indian design from independence to the present, Sujata Keshavan’s lecture is informed by her observations and experiences working in the field rather than through academic research, with her own role as a design practitioner dovetailing with roughly half this period. In her talk, she considers the social, political and economic contexts against which design as a profession has evolved in India and analyses the factors that have influenced this journey, from the fledgling experiments in nation building in the fifties, to the impact of economic liberalisation, as well as of globalisation and technology in the nineties and thereafter – examining the relationships between art, craft, technology and design.

Sujata Keshavan graduated from Yale University with a Master of Fine Arts degree specialising in Graphic Design in 1987, following her undergraduate degree from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. In 1989, she founded Ray+Keshavan Design, widely regarded as India’s most influential design firm which has consistently been ranked byThe Economic Times as India’s No 1 company in  Brand Design. Ray+Keshavan was acquired by the WPP group in 2006 and is now part of the global design company, the Brand Union. Keshavan is regarded as a pioneer in developing the brand design industry in South Asia, she has received numerous awards and served on the jury of design competitions around the world, including the Cannes jury in 2010 and D&AD jury 2014. She is currently on the World Economic Forum’s Global Council on Design and Innovation.

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