Rahul Mehrotra

On Museum Design (Lecture)

9 January, 2018
Taj West End, Bangalore

Talking of the space and infrastructure for culture and cultural production in India, Rahul Mehrotra contextualises the MAP building design in current museum architecture debates and the Indian arts landscape; approaching the museum design from multiple angles, from aesthetics to urban intervention and sustainability. Unpacking the idea of building museums to be dynamic, malleable spaces that can be programmed to suit diverse audiences and truly assert themselves as public spaces, rivaling the mall, Mehrotra situates them in an Indian built landscape that is slowly losing individual aesthetic representation due to what he terms a ‘tyranny of images’.

Rahul Mehrotra is principal of architecture firm RMA Architects (founded in 1990 as Rahul Mehrotra Associates) of Mumbai, India and is Professor of Urban Design and Planning and Chair of the Department of Urban Planning and Design at the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) in Cambridge, Mass., USA. A practicing architect, urban designer, and educator, Mehrotra has written and lectured extensively on architecture, conservation, and urban planning in Mumbai and India, co-authoring Bombay—The Cities Within, that covers the city’s urban history from the 1600s to the present. Most recently he published Architecture in India since 1990, an illustrated study considering the transformations in the urban landscape of Indian cities since globalisation.

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