Prof. B. N. Goswamy

Some Aspects of Time: The Indian Painter and His Work (Lecture)

22 September, 2018
The Oberoi, Bangalore

Prof. B. N. Goswamy, renowned art historian and critic, is best known for his scholarship on Indian miniatures, in particular Pahari paintings. Former Vice Chairman of the Sarabhai Foundation (which runs the Calico Museum of Textiles), he is also the author of over twenty books on arts and culture.

In his richly illustrated talk titled Some Aspects of Time: The Indian Painter and His Work, Prof. Goswamy will focus on the how painters of the past have handled ‘Time’ in Indian painting. Ordinarily, one associates Time with the performing arts, but Prof. Goswamy asserts through his lecture how it can be seen as clearly entering the realm of visual art as well. Approaching time as multi-faceted: cosmic, mythic, sacred, astrological, and narrativised among others, he reflects on how the work of Indian painters reflect their comfort with the idea of time as a manipulative and elusive element of the visual – leading them to forge over centuries different strategies and devices to come to terms with it, all the while drawing upon and revolutionising ‘Indian painting traditions’.