Pinakin Patel

In Search of Beauty (lecture)

An interactive lecture/discussion on Indian aesthetics and interior design.

8 January, 2015
NGMA, Bangalore

The study of aesthetic philosophy, both in Western and Indian traditions, is one that most design schools seldom incorporate into their curriculum, and that as a branch of academic enquiry unfortunately remains largely restricted to the humanities. Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy that deals with the nature and of art, beauty and taste, and its study enables us to critically reflect upon the notions that define these labels and constructs, alongside the manner in which art, culture and nature function within our social context. For a designer therefore, awareness of aesthetic philosophical frameworks, enable a very specific perspective that influences design approaches, choices and processes to incorporate a larger understanding of how they work in the material world.

Speaking of this, and delving into the Indian philosophical understanding of the three gunas, or attributes, that exist within all things and were particularly highlighted in selfhood and aesthetics, Patel will look at how the qualities of rajas, tamas and sattva, play out in artist-patron relationships and transactions. He will further probe at the essential differences that lie between the patron and the consumer and discuss the inter-relationship between art and design. Moving through the history, both ancient and recent, of art and design, he will lead the talk into their contemporary existence, and attempt to draw a map of their future potential.

Planned as an engaging and thought provoking dialogue rather than podium lecture, the event will also briefly include glimpses of Patel’s work in an variety of differing mediums and disciplines, that will practically illustrate and ground the theoretical discussion.

Pinakin Patel is an architect, interior designer, furniture designer, artist and thinker who spends his spare time learning Hindustani classical music and reading Indian philosophy. A chemistry graduate, who found his heart in the creative disciplines, Pinakin Patel is widely recognised as setting up the first lifestyle store in India when he opened ‘Etcetera’ in 1984, with his own line of furniture and accompanying art textiles and accessories. His long list of impressive projects include the interiors of The Museum Gallery in Mumbai and the Karl Khandalawala Wing at the Prince of Wales Museum. At the request of the NGMA Mumbai, he has further curated a show on Street Art, titled ‘The Innate and the Informed’. In early 2000, he left the city in search of beauty and peace, moving to Alibag where he currently lives and works. In 2005, he re-launched his furniture store in Mumbai called PINAKIN.

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