Money Matters: A Numismatics Workshop

18 July, 2018 - 18 July, 2018

Session Duration: 2 hours

Age Group: 13 – 16 years

Participating institution: GEAR Innovative International School

A numismatics workshop for high school students, Money Matters introduces participants to basic and advanced concepts of numismatics. Facilitating an opportunity to explore coins from the MAP Collection, the workshop leads students through the entire gamut of Indian coinage: from ancient punch-marked coins of the pre-Buddhist era to the coins of various dynasties such as the Indo-Greeks, the Kushans, and the Guptas, up to the reign of the East India Company. Including an introduction to ancient scripts, the workshop helps students discover the value of coins not only in historical study, but also their relevance to economics, aesthetics, geography and cultures.

Serious bartering, First activity of the workshop

The workshop in full swing

Taking notes during the workshop

Playing a recall game towards the end of the workshop

The Young Numismatists pose with their certificates