Celebrating the life of Kaifi Azmi

High Tea – 5:30 pm
Poetry Reading – 6:00 pm
Film Screening – 6:30 pm
Guftagu: Shabana Azmi, Sumantra Ghoshal and Aakar Patel – 8:00 pm

12 August, 2019 - 12 August, 2019
Bangalore International Centre

In this, the centenary year of one of Urdu literature’s brightest stars, Kaifi Azmi, a shayar, a rebel, a writer and a lyricist who has given the Hindi film industry some of its most iconic songs, BIC in collaboration with MAP, celebrates Kaifisaab with his daughter Shabana Azmi, in an evening of poetry, storytelling and guftagu.

His life, however, went beyond literature. “…poetry was but one part of Kaifisaab’s passions. His principle passion was life itself. Kaifi Azmi lived and loved at the cusp of Independence when there was a superb gathering of literary talent concentrated in one vibrant city. And so, to my joy, a larger story – of camaraderie, of nationalism, of idealism, of social commitment – emerged. A story made more poignant by where we are poised today as a nation”  Sumantra Ghosal, director of Kaifinama.

The story of his life and art will be told by the eloquently made documentary film Kaifinama directed by Sumantra Ghosal, followed by poetry readings in Urdu by Shabana and in English by Sumantra and a conversation they will have with Aakar Patel.



Kaifinama | B&W and Colour | 90 minutes


Kaifinama looks at the life and art of the Urdu Progressive poet Kaifi Azmi. Kaifi Azmi was both a poet for social change as well as one of the foremost lyricists in the Hindi film industry. Not content to limit himself to fine writing, he worked ceaselessly throughout his life as a catalyst for change among the disenfranchised.

The film looks at his small-town roots, his commitment to socialism, his wide-ranging body of work and the enormous changes he brought to the life of the village where he was born.
This extraordinary journey is documented through extensive interviews with him and his wife Shaukat Kaifi as well as insights from his children – Shabana and Baba Azmi – and reminiscences by his friends and colleagues.
Kaifinama thus is both the definitive film biography of Kaifi Azmi and a history of the times he illuminated with his genius.

Produced by Mijwan Welfare Society
A Cinematix Production
Directed by Sumantra Ghosal