Drawing With Light: An Introduction to Photography #2

Introduction to the history and science of photography through a specially curated exhibition from the museum’s collection and exploring the cyanotype printing method with found objects.

23 January, 2020 - 25 January, 2020
Nehru Science Center, Mumbai

Drawing With Light is an exhibition-cum-workshop organised by MAP and hosted by the Agastya International Foundation. The exhibition brings together photographic works by Jyoti Bhatt and T.S. Satyan (two artists whose works are prominently represented in the MAP collection) and amateur photographs made by school students participating in the Foundation’s programmes. The workshop introduces learners to the history and science of photography while looking at concepts of identity, representation and memory-making. Through close looking at the artworks, hands-on activities and interactive walkthroughs, students are also exposed to technical aspects of photography such as composition, perspective and light. The workshop culminates with a creative output exercise where learners create their own cyanotype photograms.

This programme featured twenty workshop sessions, delivered in Hindi and Marathi, as part of the Foundation’s Innovation Carnival organised in Mumbai.