Championing Learning with the Arts #3

Capacity Training Programme for Educator’s from Public and NGO-aided schools

25 September, 2019 - 25 September, 2019
MAP Education Centre, Bangalore

Session Duration: 5 hours

Audience: Educators from Public & NGO-aided schools

Championing Learning with the Arts explores the foundational discourse on the inject and impact of the arts in learning along with its interpretation in classroom practice. This 5-hour programme and training designed specially for educators’ from public schools and NGO-aided schools, entails a range of interactive demonstrations and making-based strategies centred around a specially curated exhibition to focus on art learning for 21st century competencies. Apart from language and communication, numeracy and scientific thinking – three primary competencies explored in the workshop – the programme also helps educators plan for for the development of psychosocial resources in their learners by using the arts. The workshop also includes a takeaway toolkit for participants to concretely execute some of the ideas and experiments unpacked in the session back in their classroom with their learners.