Alexander Gorlizki & Riyaz Uddin

Art & Friendship: Cross-Cultural Dialogues & Artistic Practices

22 August, 2020 - 22 August, 2020

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As part of its ongoing theme Creative Connections, MAP presents artists, Alexander Gorlizki and Riyaz Uddin, in conversation. The two artists have been working together for over two decades in a unique partnership that brings together influences and traditions from the East and West. The session, moderated by MAP Director Kamini Sawhney, will explore their collaboration that is built not only upon the cross-cultural exchange of artistic thought and practice, but also an evolving personal friendship over time.


Art & Friendship: Cross-Cultural Dialogues & Artistic Practices


Alexander Gorlizki & Riyaz Uddin in conversation with Kamini Sawhney


22 August | 6:00 pm


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Alexander Gorlizki was born in London in 1967, and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York and Jaipur, India. Although trained in sculpture, he is now best known for his works on paper. He has long been fascinated by traditional artisanal techniques, looking for ways in his practice to combine disparate visual languages and iconography with highly specialised forms of craftsmanship.


The subjects and styles of Gorlizki’s drawings range from geometric abstraction to narrative representation, featuring everything from the mythical to the everyday. He draws from ornamental and textile patterns, photographs and magazine pages, pop culture, and both Western and Eastern iconographies. He has collaborated with and commissioned several artists and craftsmen including stone carvers, embroiderers, sand-casters, spectacle repairers, shoemakers and forgers amongst others.


Riyaz Uddin is a master miniature painter who was born in Jaipur in 1972. When he was 15, Riyaz began to study how to restore miniature paintings with his father, a well-known antique dealer. He then went on to apprentice with two other master miniature painters and quickly excelled. His early training in restoration gave Riyaz an excellent understanding of the different schools and traditions as well as a great versatility, and he was able to establish his own studio at the age of 18.




In 1996 Alexander established an atelier with Riyaz Uddin in one of the winding alleys of Jaipur’s Old City. Gorlizki conceptualises and designs all the elements of the paintings that are then rendered with astonishing skill by Riyaz and his assistants. When Gorlizki isn’t in the studio in Jaipur, each work is sent back and forth between New York and Rajasthan, sometimes over a period of two, three or more years accumulating layer upon layer of notes, revisions and additions. Their collaborative efforts have been collected by, and exhibited in, many private and public collections around the world.