A Moving Tale: Kinetics & Art #10 | Educators’ Workshop I

An educators’ workshop, centred around exploring the nature, role and aesthetics of movement and gestures and its intersections with art.

7 September, 2018 - 7 September, 2018

Session Duration: 2.5 hours

A Moving Tale: Kinetics & Art brings together a selection of artworks—from different time periods and of varying mediums—exploring the nature, role and aesthetics of movement and gestures in human expression, social interaction and animal life.

Entailing a walkthrough of the exhibition and including a series of hands-on activities, this educators’ workshop draws from a variety of themes taught in schools such as living and non-living beings, animal behaviour, migration to name a few and extends these themes beyond the curriculum. It takes the teachers through a narrative, game based engagement with the exhibition and artworks on display, exposing them to ways in which art discussions can be brought inside the classroom and stitched in meaningful ways with themes taught as part of the curriculum. The workshop concludes with participants producing hypothetical lesson plans using artworks in the exhibition, as an integration of the ideas, methods and terms of inquiry discussed previously.

An introduction to the workshop goals and objectives, A Moving Tale #10

Paying close attention to the task at hand, A Moving Tale #10

Making gestural drawings of the kinetic sculpture in the exhibition, A Moving Tale #10

Creating body sculptures, artwork based activity and discussion, A Moving Tale #10

Group photograph post session, A Moving Tale #10