Malavika Sarukkai

Imprinting Space (lecture)

6 June, 2014
NGMA, Bangalore

Renowned Bharatnatayam dancer and choreographer Malavika Sarukkai presents a unique lecture illustrated with demonstrations and visuals, expanding on the language of dance while focusing on her own distinctive, intellectual and creative approach to classical dance. She considers the close parallels between the language of Indian dance forms and the vocabulary of the visual arts—painting, sculpture, architecture—as well as philosophy, mythology, literature and music – all of which reflect one another and are intrinsically connected.

Sarukkai began dancing at the age of twelve, and is one of India’s leading classical dancers specialising in the traditional Bharatnatyam style, she describes her technique and process as both spiritual and intellectual, where “the rigour of her thinking translates into a bodily expression that is at once strictly grammatical and freely explorative”. The phrase ‘innovative within tradition’ has been used to describe her artistic mastery and her success in pushing the boundaries of traditional dance, bringing the artform into a contemporary context and giving it universal appeal. She has earned international acclaim for her inspired choreography, which transports her audience to the heartbeat of the dance, taking Indian dance beyond cultural barriers and using the body as a conceptual and performative tool.