Zoya Siddiqui: A distant Place

The exhibition brings together works by the artist Zoya Siddiqui that explore belonging and belief, and what it means to build a place of belonging far away from home.

Conceptualised in collaboration with the artist, the first part of the exhibition evolves out of a continuous flow taking the viewer through Zoya’s photographic and video works that observe the existing conditions of belonging and otherness. Although Zoya’s works result in videos, photographs and archives, her methods draw from research, interviews and experiments.

Zoya’s curiosity in belief systems, identities, family and displacement shapes this exhibition. The work is deeply personal but connects a sense of community across the world and questions it at the same time.

This exhibition marks the beginning of MAP’s journey into exhibiting contemporary South Asian artists. Zoya’s work invites the viewer to locate themselves within their personal spaces, community and the world at large. A distant Place is the first online museum exhibition of the artist and includes her key archival and video art. MAP is presenting the exhibition with subtitles, audio descriptions and ISL interpretation to make the exhibition accessible to all.

To go through the entire exhibition will take you about 30 minutes.

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